Leomo LVS system : Application sample


I had a chance to try the latest fitting analysis system “LEOMO LVS”. I’d like to introduce how it works.

Here I’m troubling with generating 340W on a turbo trainer.

You can see some graphs on the left shoulder of the GIF above. Please focus onto the red-purple line, titled as “R-FOOT GyrX”. This is the data-stream showing the rotation of my right foot, on the sagittal plane. When the heel goes down, the dps (degree per second) number goes up, and vice versa.

Unlike usual TYPE-R operation, here the LEOMO motion sensors are specifically attached to the body so that  the Gyro-data and Accelo-data come directly visible.

I have some problem on the smoothness of the right foot movement (DSS. Dead Spot Score). The LVS visualized that.

You can see the “twin peaks “, on the lower extremity of that “R FOOT-Gyr X” line. This is the un-smoothness of the transition of the rotational speed. Also this is highly repeatable and it means this is the (somewhat) fixed movement pattern.