Welcome to Sport Bikes HiRoad!

My name is Hiroyasu AOYAMA. I have been running the bike shop “Sport Bikes HiRoad” (SBH) since October 2007.
All of our services are available in English. If you could make an appointment beforehand it would be much appreciated.

(Last Update: 2019/06/01)

1) The advantages of Sport Bikes HiRoad.

A) Bike-fitting service

We provide professional bike-fitting analysis and advice using specific and original software.

NOTE 1: If you would like to use these services, please make an appointment beforehand.
NOTE 2: The times indicated below do not contain the time for assembling or modifying the bike. Services on the bike need additional time.

Dynamic Course
Using a high-speed camera for motion capture as well as visual feedback, we provide the dynamic observation of your body movement.

When you plan to get a new bike and want it to be fitted, this is the service you need. Also we can tune your current bike so that it will best fit you.

  • Cost and Time: This normally costs 15,000 JPY, and takes approx. 150min. (2.5 hours) (Cost deducted on 2018/03/16)

NOTE: If we need more time than described above to do your actual services, we will charge 1000 JPY per additional 10 minutes.

B)Shoe-insole custom molding

For those riders who suffer from painful feet or too much fatigue in their feet, custom shoe-insole molding can be a good remedy. We use the SIDAS Conformable system to check for foot problems and to make the choice of correct insole.

Insole price is from approx. 8,000 JPY and the service costs 4,000 JPY; it takes approx. 40 min.

NOTE: If you would like to use these services, please make an appointment beforehand.

SUPERFEET functional insoles and Fusion-Flexi Functional insoles (Japanese made) are also available.

C) Riding event (Morning Ride)

On every sunny Sunday morning, we get together to ride around the Imperial Palace. If you are interested in finding friends to ride with, or feel like learning how to ride efficiently and safely, you are very welcome to join us.

We meet at Hirakawa-mon crossing at the north of the Palace at 8:30 am.

(Link to the ride specifications in Japanese)

D) Of course, we also sell and/or service bikes…

We mainly handle road bikes, though hybrid bikes are also serviceable. We sell:
Bridgestone Anchor,

(domestic brands)

Colnago (Italy),
Kuota (Italy),
DEDACIAI Strada(Italy),
Gios (Italy),
Basso (Italy),
Masi (Italy),
Cervelo (Canada),
Centurion (Germany),
Felt (Germany),

STORCK(Germany, 2018NEW),
Schwinn (U.S.),
NEILPRYDE(New Zealand)

and more. (Above list is valid for 2017~2018 season)

We also handle Shimano, Campagnolo, Easton, Spinergy, Fulcrum, KASK, Fizi:k,  and much more.

2) Our business

Please visit us at:

Sport Bikes HiRoad
Zip 142-0062
4-10-1, Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN
voice: +81-3-6413-7168
fax: +81-3-6413-7169

Business hours (JST)
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 12:00 to 19:00
Weekdays 10:00 to 17:00
NOTE: We have a lunch break approximately between 15:00 and 16:00

Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday
NOTE: The shop is occasionally closed on other days, mainly for out-of-the-shop activities.

3) Access to Sport Bikes HiRoad

Google map is available here

YouTube : Trip to the store from the station nearest